How do you hear God?

How do you hear God? You speak to Him. You say your prayers. All that effort and nothing. He says nothing in return. He does not respond. What are you doing wrong?

Don’t give up. Be persistent in your prayers. He hears you. Maybe he has answered you, but you were not receptive to the answer. You thought he was saying one thing, but he was actually saying another. You totally missed it. Don’t worry he will speak to you again. This time listen carefully. Remove the thoughts of how you THINK he should answer. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to hear him.

Don’t give up. Maybe he hasn’t answered you yet. His timing is perfect. Do you really trust him? Do you really trust that you will receive the perfect answer at the perfect time? Let the Holy Spirit guide you in patience. Don’t worry. He will speak to you at the right time.

Don’t give up. You thought you heard God loud and clear, but then you get another message different from what you thought you heard. You had it all together. You saw all the signs that you thought God meant for you. Then you get other messages that make sense and are also from God, but the are total opposite of what you thought you understood. Don’t worry. Be patient continue to let the Holy Spirit guide you. Wait, discern through prayer, you will know at the right time what you should do. You will know the correct answer. Don’t worry. Your choice can not mess of God’s plan.

My prayer for you is that you are able to discern God’s message clearly. I pray that you are able to obey him with brave grace and strength.



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