Can’t sleep? Up at 3 am again?

So you are up at 3 am on the web? What’s wrong? What’s bothering you. Perhaps you know? Or maybe you don’t know. Those hidden negative thoughts have been racing around. Now, they finally woke you up. Or are you in pain? Hmmm. Did the other world wake you up? Something went bump in the night? Another nightmare?

Rest assured. No matter what got you up at 3 am. There is something you can do. Pray. Let’s start together. Dear heavenly Father I am awake and thank you for this gift of life. Please forgive me and save me from (Insert issue here.) Have mercy on me Lord and send your angels to protect me. Be patient with me Father and open my ears to hear your voice. Guard me Lord Jesus, please shelter me from evil.

I am here Lord please grant me peace.

My prayer for you is that you can find peace. I pray that the Holy Spirit helps you silent those negative thoughts. I pray that whatever worries you can quickly be resolved and you can find peace while you wait. I pray that if you are haunted by the other world, God’s angels can protect you and the haunting disappears. I pray for your peace.